The AquaCheck Classic soil moisture probe offers capacitance based soil moisture measurement offering up to six depths or sensors per probe. It requires an external logger or remote transmission unit and external power supply.

General Specifications:

  • A capacitance based continuous logging probe.
  • Probe lengths from 400mm to 1200mm.
  • Up to 6 soil moisture and 6 soil temperature sensors depending on the probe length.
  • Shaft diameter: 32mm.
  • Communication Interface options: Analog, SDI-12 (serial data interface, 1200bd), MODBUS, 2400bd
  • Compliancy: CE certified.

Technical Specifications:

  • Sensor reading count: approximately 32000 for air and 1000 in water.
  • Sensor resolution: Approximately 13 bits.
  • Temperature Sensor: 0-51 Deg C, steps of 0.2 Degrees.
  • External power supply required on Analogue, SDI-12, MODBUS versions.