Expertly cultivate plants in the 21st century.

Hardware + Software

Environmental sensors meet digital records to provide intelligence.

Combine the power of hardware sensors and software to gain unique and useful insights about how your farm is doing.

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Remote Monitoring

Harness real-time data monitoring and digital record keeping to correlate crop performance with environmental conditions and management practices.


Optimize production by learning what makes your successful.

Smart Record Keeping

Detailed notes are just a click away. Maintaining a digital memory for your plants has never been easier.


Never miss a beat. Whether you have a team of robots or humans, run like a well-oiled machine.


Maintain an optimal environment for your plants with the touch of a button, using insights to control smart devices.


Respond to potential hazards before they become an issue with custom alerts to changes in environment or plant health.


Reap your rewards on day one.

First, improve efficacy in genetics and biology and second, create insights that lead to automation. We are here to do the latter.

Improved Environment

Improve atmospheric conditions by up to 50% more when monitoring your crops. Give your plants the best chance at being spectacular at harvest.


Make sure you and your team are coordinating - whether your team is a bunch of robots or humans. Never miss a feeding schedule, always know what’s going on.


Catch inefficiencies at their roots. Whether it’s potential pests invading or light fixtures spending excess energy when they aren’t supposed to.

It's time you met the team.

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Tech innovation is happening here in Hawaii and Vincent Kimura’s company SmartYields is a prime example of how he’s helping our farmers with an app… Creating an innovation economy right here at home.

- David Ige, Governor of Hawaii