Woody Maijers


he career of Woody Maijers is based on providing solutions to complex organizational chain and network issues. Several organizations are involved: private – private and private – public. Focus point is the development of value chains and networks in the agro – food business. The services are based on the improvement of the business environment. Improvements leading to significant lower costs, higher performances and higher added value in a sustainable way.

The method of the Value Chain Coach is based on co-creation, social innovation, co-innovation and open innovation in the business network. This approach is quick, effective, robust and based on low financial investments with a high return on investment (ROI). The high ROI is possible because the knowledge and experience of the network partners is effectively used and exploited. Woody Maijers accumulated his experiences as managing director of AKK (Agri Chain Competence) in several co-innovation programs (>10 million Euro turnover per program) with more than 400 chain, and network projects.