1. First select what type of grower you are.
  2. Name your farm or garden.
  3. Select the type of area would you like to monitor first.
  4. Name this particular area (e.g., My Backyard Garden, Grow Room B, etc.)
  5. Lastly, indicate your cultivation skill level.
  6. Your farm or garden is now ready to add plants.
  7. Add in the type of plant that you are growing. If you’re growing various types of plants, you’ll be able to add in more plants later.
  8. Select the medium that you’re growing your plants in.
  9. Determine the current growth stage of your plants.
  10. Now it’s time to add the number of plants into your batch. For example, if you have six Garlic Chive plants, simply place these 6 plants on your plot in the location that makes the most sense to you. All of these plants belong to the same batch, and will be treated the same in the app.
  11. Tap the color cycle button on the bottom of the app to select the color you’d like to associate with your specific batch.
  12. Tap the “Done” button and you’re all set! Tap the dots to see how your plants are doing and to update their status if needed.