Mattthew Lynch


Matt Lynch describes himself as a ‘reformed capitalist’ exploring Regenerative Design Sciences at the forefront of human innovation. He spent two years wandering the planet, studying Permaculture and then practicing it in Mongolia, searching for people, places, and projects to be worked on to make our world a better place.

His work in Regenerative Agriculture, Regenerative Business, and Regenerative Economic Development has taken him to Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia, Germany, and now Hawai‘i. Matthew authored Regenerative Business 1.0: Beyond Sustainability and founded the Asia-Pacific Center for Regenerative Design.

Matt launched the PermablitzHI movement – Hawaii’s Edible Garden Revolution – with a small group of committed activists in 2011. He believes strongly in the power of human relationships and community, and is a self-described ‘Apocaloptimist’: someone who knows it’s all falling apart, but thinks it’s all going to work out in the end.